Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day Fifty Eight

Witness firsthand the birth of a wax horse! Each metal horse first starts as wax, and I made a little rubber mold to produce them. The big thumping noises in the background are the power hammers in the smithy, and I'm not sure why there's such a high pitched whine in the rest of the audio, but the video (turn down your volume) will give you a good idea of just one of the many steps involved with making a horse out of silver (or bronze, in this case).

After the waxes are sprued, they are invested in a heat resistant plaster like substance. After the investment has cured, the whole she-bang goes in a burnout oven and the wax is melted out of the investment (this is called lost wax casting). After a certain period of time, its time to cast in the cetrifugal caster... here, take a look: