Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day Thirty Five

The results of yesterday's time at the forge. After lolling around a bit and questioning the level of my dedication, I finally made it out to the smithy and found something to get excited about. Jake Brown taught me how to forge a horse head. He had seen it done many years ago as a youngster and it has always stuck with him. I was thrilled to learn of course, and had all kinds of fun trying to forge the perfect horse. These were made with 1/2" square bar. I will turn them into fire tools today. 
"How To Forge a Horse Head in 7 East Steps"
Just to make sure I had earned my food for the day, I went ahead and made a story board. This shows step by step how to forge a horse head. See? its easy!

"How NOT to Forge a Horse Head in a Myriad of Steps"
These are the ones that didn't make it.