Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day Fifteen

 One of my most favorite pieces on the museum grounds, "Out of Chaos, Let Reason Prevail". It was made in 1998 by Greg Elliot from Baton Rouge, LA.

Ms. Judy Davis and I are headed to Denver Elementary for our second day of helping the 4, 5 and 6 grade students make tiles for an installation to be displayed permanently at their school. There were A LOT of kids with us yesterday. One group held almost 40 students. we didn't have enough scissors, the kids didn't have their own pencils and they had to bring their chairs into the room that we were using. Its a fabulous learning opportunity to see how once again, you can make something, something beautiful, out of almost nothing. I think that's what learning about art really has to offer to people of all ages, that its doesn't take much more than human creativity to make something lovely. Beauty will exist regardless of budget. I'm looking forward to taking what i've learned and investing it back into Kalamazoo's Schools.

Tonight, Bob Rogers and I will go to The Cove for oysters and lots of hearty planning for a cast iron pour. Am working up models of riverbeds for cast iron sculptures, and I will delight in learning how to effectively run the cupola from Bob.

Tommorrow is our last day at Denver Elementary and I am looking forward to having all of Friday to work in the smithy and get going on casting the little horses. After the casting job is through, I'll concentrate on forging silver. Big list, lots of plans, lots of goals. I'll get there.