Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day Fifty Three

Today i got a C plus in silver casting. Three out of four molds produced quality castings. I'll take it and hope for better scores next time. During today's work, chasing waxes and spruing them up for the next go round, I started to think about my original intentions of producing work that was inspired by the shapes created when water moves. I started to think about how the river had actually inspired me and it hasn't been direct. Although I have made some very nice pieces inspired by water movement and the river, my heart belongs to the horses. I've tried to dismiss the horses as something made for fun or art with a small a instead of a capital A, but now I find that my heart's work lies within the tiny horses. The horses are the true work and the river pieces are forced. I'm ok with that. I'm hoping my audience will be too.