Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day Twenty Five

Okay, I'll eat my words and wipe that smirk off of my face. This Ice Storm is REAL! I'm so sorry to have mocked Southern Weather. Memphis is CLOSED and everything is covered with a 3/4" layer of frozen sleet. We're out of dishwasher detergent, cigarettes, and milk and we're running low on coffee and tp. This is HORRIBLE!
Yesterday, dizzily continuing my pattern of having great studio days when all of the rest of the world  is safely and sanely tucked in warmly at home, I managed to forge all day and make the beginnings of a very nice piece. I'll call it FLOW for now, but I'm sure that will change once I've started finalizing the design.

The only trip I made outside during the day was to go for coal. Once.

My Companion for the day, The Metal Museum's Hallmark power hammer. Yes, you did see correctly, the top sticker reads "I have been had by a Redneck" the middle sticker is Tatu and states emphatically that he is a "Love Machine" (a reference to the hammer as well, of course) and the lowest on the pole does indeed state, "Don't tip me over you freakin' hillbilly".This was the entirety of information that flowed into my head yesterday. Where is that redneck? Do I look like a hillbilly? I don't feel like one! The Plane! The Plane!

Parts is parts. FLOW in process.

And finally, for the cherry on today's utterly giganomous blog entry (can you tell I really am not excited about venturing forth unto the world today?) I made a little video with my friend Bill in mind. His last name starts with a K. Bill K. is a discerning character and is not impressed with blogs and silly talk. I'm almost sure he hasn't visited my blog yet, but I'm hoping one of you will let Bill K. know that I made a special video just to impress him (and now I'm doubting he'll be impressed) and prove that I am working and just not playing on the computer all day. This one's for you Bill!