Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day Forty Seven

Nothing like a little Hawaiian Gospel Music on the volunteer radio station at 6:30 am to start the day! Mom and John have returned home and I have only five weeks left to produce produce produce! Tomorrow brings a lesson in silver soldering and vulcanized rubber molds. Once I get the new memory card for my camera, I'll start posting pictures again. There's an undercurrent of urgency that I am trying to stave off, but it seems time is flying and there's so much left to do! I almost managed to talk myself into not posting a blog entry today because there's not much to say except "Full steam ahead!" with all possible energy and enthusiasm. Here's a few pictures taken by my Mother of the front gates of the Metal Museum. The gates were designed by Sir Richard Quinnell, blacksmith to the Queen of England and fabricated by numerous blacksmiths from all around the world.