Monday, January 18, 2010

Day Thirteen...

Phillip enjoys his sunbath on the museum overlook. The Mississippi river provides an excellent backdrop for his contemplative pose.

Last night, after class and a great dinner at Colleta's, Jake, Wally and I stood on the overlook facing Arkansas over the great and mighty Mississippi and drank champagne. We toasted the river, we toasted Scott Lankton, we toasted each other. It was a peaceful and fulfilling experience. Wally launched into several very exciting stories about barge crashes, river mishaps, historical reroutings and strange occurences he had witnessed during his 30 years of looking over the bluff, across the river and onto Arkansas. He lives in Arkansas now. I wonder if he chose that state because he's gazed at it for so many years. If the grass is always greenr on the other side of the fence, then does that apply for rivers too?

Wally's class is great. I would suggest it to anyone. Even though he couldn't quite understand what he might have to teach me, I found lots of opportunity to learn. I learned alot oabout blacksmithing, forge welding, coal, religion, the history of metallurgy, and so much more. He even told me what the circumference of the earth was. But I forgot, so I can't tell you. Anyways, its a secret. I did successfully finish my grille project, but I was so exhausted by the end of the project, that I neglected to photograph it. Yep, just threw my hammers down. took off my apron and headed to the house. Done.  Lucky for me it will be around for the next 80-100 years, so I can probably manage to get it photographed.