Monday, March 29, 2010

Day Eighty Three

Today marks the last day of my residency here at The Metal Museum and subsequently my last blog entry as such. After this is written and posted, the computer gets packed up and the car heads north to mother Michigan. I'll be back in full swing by Wednesday, guiding SmartShop as it continues to inform and enlighten the community via the metal arts. Never fear though, the blog bug has bitten me and I will continue to blog after I return to Kalamazoo and re-assume my post at SmartShop. Look for exciting news, funny pictures and of course, lots and lots of metalwork. Thanks so much for your comments and your time. This has been a very incredible experience and it was a distinct pleasure to share it with all of you.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day Eighty Two

Just a few pictures from my adventure.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day Eighty One.

Forging on the River is today. Blacksmithing demonstrations, fellowship, food beer and an auction to benefit the museum. 'nuff said!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Day Eighty.

Here's some of the work that makes it all look easy when it done.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day Seventy Nine

Another piece for the show at Water Street Glassworks in April. Again, try to imagine chunks of glass threaded on the rods and creating a colorful translucent center amongst the prongs. The small details in this piece bring me great joy. I've found a happy side affect of working on jewelry scale is an appreciation and concentration on small details in bigger pieces. This one is without a name as well. ideas?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day Seventy Eight

What I made today, and well yesterday and the day before. Its does need a title and I'm hoping you can help. But before you do, you'll need to imagine it finished and it won't be finished without glass (which happens April 5, with the help of comrade Jerry Catania).

Imagine this piece with a large slab of red glass dangling from the center portion of the squiggly line, then you'll be able to see the piece that will anchor my show at Water Street Glassworks in Benton Harbor Michigan on April 17th.

Hinge detail. How do you like them balls?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day Seventy Seven

After much fiddling and messing about, I managed to make a die (a material-shaping device) for a 1 inch diameter sphere. Thanks again to Jim Masterson's thoughtful teaching (and my careful adherence to the lesson), it worked out wonderfully. I used to have to purchase spheres and weld them onto rods, grinding the weldment carefully. Now all I can forge all the balls I care to. Gone are the days of reliance upon a metals catalog and an electric welder! Gone are the days of tedious grinding! If anyone asks where I get my balls, I can say I make them myself! Fantastic!

Holly and Phil leaving the smithy after a hard days' work. Those overalls were spotless when I started.

For all of you blacksmiths out there, just in case you didn't know already, Superquench is the Bomb-Diggity. Fo' sho'.

p.s. I love a politician that drops the F-bomb. Well said Joe. The health care reform bill IS a big fuc*in' deal!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day Seventy Six

This may bore the heck out of some of you, but I'll post it anyway. Here's a little video of the last part of a riding lesson with Trainer Nick Handy at The Mid South Dressage Academy in Hernando, MS. It was the first time I rode Miles, (his proper name is Frequent Flyer Miles). He's a Shire Cross born in 1993. He has been shown to I1. As you might can tell, I have a lot of learning to do, but this is fun. Really!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day Seventy Five

I've been composing a list in my mind of what I will miss about this place once I am gone. It has helped me to have a heightened appreciation of things, knowing that I will be leaving soon. Some of the things are small and ordinary, some of them are extraordinary. All of them are unique and special to this place. Eight days from now, I'll be packing up my things, loading up the dog and heading home, so its time to share the list of the people, experiences and other facets of my experience that I appreciate and will miss and remember with fondness.

I'll miss the round window in the bathroom connected to my room. The window is hinged across its diagonal and tilts open for ventilation. Its really really special. I like to peek out of it and check the weather after I've showered in the morning.

I'll miss Jim Masterson and all of his infinite wisdom. I'll miss his shotgun laugh and the way he always seems to encourage and enlighten those around him.

I'll miss drinking water out of the tap and it tasting so good. The best water in the world comes right out of the faucet here in Memphis, TN.

I'll miss my Con Lab buddy, Kevin Burge. Kevin has shared copious amounts of technical information and some of the best 80's hip hop.

I'll miss sitting on the front porch in the morning, drinking coffee and gazing past the museum grounds onto the great and mighty Mississippi river.

I'll miss Mary Catherine Floyd. My friend, my comrade, my partner in cleaning frenzies. Mary Catherine is such a wonderful unique and amazing person. She has brought light and joy to my life.

I'll miss the rumble of the Tennessee / Arkansas bridge and the hum of the barges. Those sounds have always heightened the feeling that the world is moving and things are getting accomplished.

I'll miss Jake, his paintings, his intense love for Phil (the dog) and his funny fart impressions.

I'll miss the Metal Museum's power hammers. 

 I'll miss Carissa. A lot. For many reasons.

I'll miss the sound of cars whizzing by my bedroom window in the morning on their way to President's island. This sound has become my alarm clock.

I'll miss not having a need for an alarm clock!

I'll miss Judy Davis and everything that she is, And she's so much!

I'll miss feeling free and unemcumbered.

I'll miss having roomates, knowing that there are other people in the house, someone to have breakfast, lunch, dinner and perhaps even a late night beer with. 

I'll miss Joel, Jeannie, Nancy, Leila, Mr. Rogers, and Ralph.

I'll miss feeling like I am part of a large family that lives in a special place and does special work.

I'll miss Friday nights and Sundays in Hernando, MS at The Mid South Dressage Academy. Horses and dogs; Harley, Starbucks, Roo, Wally, Miles, Bug, Arwin. I'll miss my new friends and trainers, Nick and Ila Handy. They've have taught me so much and opened their lives, sharing themselves. I've really felt at home. Judy, my trail riding companion, I'll miss her too.

I'll miss Gus's Fried Chicken, Coletta's Pizza, Pearl's Oyster House, the noodle soup at Pho Vietnam,  and Mary Catherine's tuna salad.

I'll miss my "office", the dining room table in the duplex, which faces the museum grounds and casts soft beams of sunlight on the task at hand.

I'll miss having a whole roomful of teachers and creative guides around me when I am working in the studio.

I'll miss feeling understood and appreciated and loved for just exactly what I am, nothing more or less.

I'll miss those Elvis billboards.

I'll miss Memphis radio. Especially WEVL and the one that plays "all hip hop all the time".

I'll miss tromping to the gallery to check my mail, seeing Nancy Jackson unwrapping new items for the gift shop and catching up on the talk of the day with her and Judy.

I'll miss gazing across the museum grounds and seeing coal smoke come out the the stacks in the smithy, knowing someone has already started the day's work.

I'll miss Jim Masterson singing my name.

This list could go on and on and I'm sure it will, but that's enough for today.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day Seventy Four

Today, my joints hurt, I have 3 new cuts on my left hand and 2 new cuts on my right, my index finger is charred and I am very very happy. What am I doing? Forging steel of course!
Its been very nice to return to my mother medium and work with the heavy, hot and large. Am busily making sculptures steel sculptures that will eventually accommodate cast glass elements for my April 17th show at Water Street Glassworks in Benton Harbor, MI. ( Too much fun!
Jim Masterson and I have plans to make a die for forming spheres this afternoon and we'll finish up the day eating some yummy roast duck from Andy Dohner's farm. Another fabulous day full of new experiences here at The Metal Museum!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day Seventy Three

Some of the results of the last two days of annealing, pickling, forging, annealing, pickling, forging (rinse and repeat!). Introducing the "Heads -n- Tails" forged sterling silver bracelets.
There's only 5 of them. Ever!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day Seventy Two

You'll love this one, make sure you watch the whole thing. Happy Days!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day Seventy One

Just another day in paradise. With a video camera. And tons of equipment. And plenty of work to do.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day Seventy

On this wondrous day, I am busily attempting to forge silver. Its time consuming, frustratingly tiny and delicate, but I am loving it. I am naively hoping to have a bracelet by the end of the day. It is possible. While I am annealing, pickling, forging, annealing, pickling and forging again, I am thinking back on on the fun stuff I have done throughout the years.

So, with no further ado, here's my list of:

Holly's Top Ten Creative Endeavors
10. Writing "Take Me to Jail" on Adam Hawk's forehead with a sharpie at the 2006 ABANA Conference in Seattle, WA.
9. All of the many outfits I have worn to serve as Auctioneer for The Metal Museum's Repair Days Auction.
8. The Smash-A-Torium!
7. Auctioneering.
6. The band Sawhorse and our honky tonk cover of Prince's "Purple Rain".
5. Resurrecting an abandoned and severely neglected house in the Edison neighborhood and living happily in it for over 15 years.
4. The "Mono-Jack-A-Lith".
3. Horses made lovingly from metal.
2. Every single coal forge I have have ever designed and fabricated.
1. SmartShop in its entirety.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Day Sixty Nine

I turned on my camera today to get some more shots of my work in progress and it looks like the spirit of Jimi Hendrix invaded and made everything all purple and hazy. Must be the warranty has run out. I'm really sick of this planned obsolescence stuff. Why can't things last? It reminds me of a perfect blacksmith joke. 
How many Blacksmiths does it take to change a light bulb? 
1 to change the bulb, and 100 to stand around shaking their heads, complaining about how the new light bulb will never be as good as the old one.
Since I can't post anything original, I thought I'd share this little video with you. I'm not sure how I found it, but I just love the silly song. If any of you know what language this is and what the lyrics are, I'm really excited to find out.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day Sixty Eight


In fluid dynamics, an eddy is the swirling of a fluid and the reverse current created when the fluid flows past an obstacle. The moving fluid creates a space devoid of downstream-flowing fluid on the downstream side of the object. Fluid behind the obstacle flows into the void creating a swirl of fluid on each edge of the obstacle, followed by a short reverse flow of fluid behind the obstacle flowing upstream, toward the back of the obstacle. This phenomenon is most visible behind large emergent rocks in swift-flowing rivers.

An eddy current (also known as Foucault current) is an electrical phenomenon discovered by French physicist François Arago in 1824. It is caused when a conductor is exposed to a changing magnetic field due to relative motion of the field source and conductor; or due to variations of the field with time. This can cause a circulating flow of electrons, or a current, within the body of the conductor. These circulating eddies of current create induced magnetic fields that oppose the change of the original magnetic field due to Lenz's law, causing repulsive or drag forces between the conductor and the magnet. The stronger the applied magnetic field, or the greater the electrical conductivity of the conductor, or the faster the field that the conductor is exposed to changes, then the greater the currents that are developed and the greater the opposing field.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Day Sixty Six

Bronze Drafty - measures 2" long x 1.5" high x .5" wide

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day Sixty Four

Did you know that Memphis has the distinction of being mentioned in the lyrics of more songs than any other city in the world? Over 971 songs and counting have "Memphis" somewhere in the lyrics. Here's "The List" compliments of the Memphis Rock and Soul Museum.

...16 Heroes del Silencio
2 2 Bogus Crucial Conflict
3 3 6 In The Morning Three 6 Mafia
4 4 Da Fam Amil
5 7 Days in Memphis Peter Gallagher
6 18 Miles to Memphis Stray Cats
7 30 Miles from Memphis Rick Crane
8 A Damn Good Country Song Jerry Lee Lewis
9 A Little Bit Country, Little Bit Rock ‘n’ Roll Donnie & Marie Osmond
10 A Memphis Melody Dan Penn
11 A Mile Out of Memphis Carl Perkins
12 A Perfect Day to Chase Tornados Jim White
13 A Southern Thing Better Than Ezra
14 A Train Left For Memphis John Wiggins
15 Abitudinario Elio e le Storie
16 After The Love Goes Wet, Wet, Wet
17 Ain’t Goin’ to Memphis Debbie Henning
18 Ain’t No Click Lloyd Banks
19 Alex Chilton Patty Griffin
20 Alex Chilton The Replacements
21 All 4 Nuthin’ Eightball
22 All American Sammy Hagar
23 All American Boy Bobby Bare
24 All I Want from Memphis Bob Cheevers
25 All Night Long Red Cafe
26 All or Nothin’ Three 6 Mafia
27 All the Way from Memphis John Coinman
28 All the Way from Memphis Mott the Hoople
29 All the Way From Memphis Ian Hunter
30 All the Way From Memphis Brian May
31 All The Way Home Andrew Peterson
32 All You Can Ever Learn Ataris
33 America What Time Is Love The KLF
34 American Dream Trooper
35 Annihilation of the Wicked Nile
36 Anotha Day In Tha Hood Eightball & MJG
37 Another Memphis Blues Terence Martin
38 Another Song About Memphis Thomas Anderson
39 Anywhere But Memphis Mark Willis
40 Are U Ready 4 Us Three 6 Mafia
41 Are You Out There Dar Williams
42 Armageddon Prism
43 Armageddon Three 6 Mafia
44 Baby Took a Limo to Memphis Keith Sykes
45 Baby Took a Limo to Memphis Guy Clark
46 Bacelona Memphis Los Rebeldes
47 Back Down to Memphis Jan James
48 Back on the Road Again Josh Reams
49 Back to Memphis The Band
50 Back to Memphis Chuck Berry
51 Back to Memphis Blue Horizon
52 Back to Memphis John Called Mark
53 Back to Memphis Johnnie Johnson
54 Back to Memphis Liquid Groove
55 Back to Memphis Memphis Slim
56 Back to Memphis David Sanborn
57 Back to Memphis Billy Ray Cyrus
58 (Shufflin’) Back to Memphis Lost in the Shuffle
59 Back to Tupelo Mark Knopfler
60 Back to Wentzille Destroyers
61 Back to You Buddy Jewel
62 Backhaul to Memphis Jack Clayton
63 Backseat Of A Greyhound Bus Sara Evans
64 Ball and Bun Eightball
65 Ballad of Michael Valentine The Killers
66 Ballad of Thunder Road Robert Mitchum
67 Ballers Project Pat
68 Banda Viajera Rata Blanca
69 Be a Witness Three 6 Mafia
70 Beacon in the Distance Hanalei
71 Beale Street Big Jack Johnson
72 Been All Around the World Jerry Garcia
73 Bei Memphis an Der Autoban NUNU
74 Berlin to Memphis (A Long Way From) Elvis Hitler
75 Berry Rides Again Steppenwolf
76 Best Dressed Girl in Memphis Bob Ketchum
77 Beulah Went to Memphis Larry Goodwin
78 Big Bayou Rod Stewart
79 Big River Johnny Cash
80 Big River Grateful Dead
81 Big River The Highwaymen
82 Big River Bill Monroe
83 Big River Collin Raye
84 Big River Trick Pony
85 Big Train (from Memphis) John Fogerty
86 Big Train (from Memphis) Perkins, Orbison, Cash, Lewis
87 Big Train Stop at Memphis Steve Marriott
88 Birmingham Papa Firehouse Five + 2
89 Birth of Rock And Roll Class of ‘55
90 Birth Of Rock And Roll Roy Orbison
91 Black Cat Bone Johnny Winter
92 Black Velvet Alannah Myles
93 Blaze Of Glory Joe Jackson
94 Blind River Boy Amy Correia
95 Bloc Bloc Bloc Orchestral Manoeuvres
96 Blood On The Highway Asphalt Ballet
97 Bloody Blue Therapy
98 Blow The Whistle Too Short
99 Blue Heart in Memphis Neon Cactus
100 Blue Yodel #9 (Standing On the Corner) Steve Earle
101 Blue Yodel #9 (Standing On the Corner) Jerry Garcia
102 Blue Yodel #9 (Standing On the Corner) Merle Haggard
103 Blue Yodel #9 (Standing On the Corner) Jimmie Rogers
104 Blues for Memphis Slim The Animals
105 Blues for Memphis Slim War
106 Blues In The Night (Mama Done Tol’ Me) Harold Arlen
107 Blues In The Night Chicago
108 Blues In The Night Rosemary Clooney
109 Blues In The Night Ella Fitzgerald
110 Blues In The Night Artie Shaw
111 Blues In The Night Dinah Shore
112 Blues In The Night Frank Sinatra
113 Boogie My Way Back Home Gary Moore
114 Boom Boom Eightball & MJG
115 Bout It, Bout It 2 Master P
116 Bout My Money Trick Daddy
117 Bout the South The Prophet Posse
118 Break Da Law ‘95 Three 6 Mafia
119 Bright Lights of Memphis Richard Ferriera
120 Bring ‘Em Out Tela
121 Broken Radio Stanley Michael
122 Buon Compleanno, Elvis Luciano Ligabue
123 Burn Baby Mother Tongue
124 By 2 Da Bad Guy Lil Wyte
125 Cadillac Song Tom Dean
126 Cake Lil Wyte
127 Candyman Grateful Dead
128 Can’t Go Back to Memphis Stray Cats
129 Can’t Stop Eightball
130 Can’t Stop Too Short
131 Can’t Trust Love Suzi Quatro
132 Casey Jones Johnny Cash
133 Casey Jones Was His Name Hank Snow
134 Cassonetto Differenziato Elio e le Storie
135 Change The Game Jay-Z
136 Changes Comin’ On Alabama
137 Charley Patton Songs Gomez
138 Chasing Dreams Jamie Notarthomas
139 Chickenheads Project Pat
140 Choices Project Pat
141 Christmas In Dixie Alabama
142 Cinco De Mayo in Memphis Jimmy Buffett
143 Cita Con Angeles Silvio Rodriguez
144 Cities Phish
145 Cities Talking Heads
146 City of New Orleans Johnny Cash
147 City of New Orleans Steve Goodman
148 City of New Orleans Arlo Guthrie
149 City of New Orleans C.w. McCall
150 City of New Orleans Willie Nelson
151 Climbin’ Up Mt. Everest Kinleys
152 Climbin’ Up Mt. Everest Cliff Richard
153 Climbin’ Up Mt. Everest South Sixty Five
154 Club Nitty Gritty Chuck Berry
155 Club-A-GoGo Animals
156 Come on Back Carlene Carter
157 Come on Down De La Soul
158 Comin’ Back to Memphis Sun Rhythm Section
159 Coming Out Hard Eightball & MJG
160 Com’n Yo Direction Lil Wyte
161 Considering a Move to Memphis Colorblind James Experience
162 Conspiracy Theory Steve Earle
163 Cornbread Mafia Molly Hatchet
164 Country Grammar Nelly
165 County Jail Project Pat
166 Crash Da Club Lil Wyte
167 Crazed Country Rebel Hank Williams III
168 Cry Like Memphis Erin Hay
169 Da Summa Three 6 Mafia
170 Daddy’s Little Pumpkin John Prine
171 Daisy Jane America
172 Dallas Alan Jackson
173 Daylight Eightball & MJG
174 Deep in the Heart of Dixie Georgia Satellites
175 Delia’s Gone Johnny Cash
176 Disappointed Matthew Ryan
177 Divine Wind Blue Oyster Cult
178 Dixie Chicken Garth Brooks
179 Dixie Chicken Little Feat
180 Dixie Flyer Gene Clark
181 Dixie Highway Home Hillbilly Idol
182 Do the Memphis Grind Duke Robillard
183 Dominion, Mother Russia Sisters of Mercy
184 Don’t Cha Get Mad Three 6 Mafia
185 Don’t Go Into That Barn Tom Waits
186 Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down Unknown
187 Don’t Make Eightball & MJG
188 Don’t Mention Memphis Tim McGraw
189 Don’t Say Goodbye Randy Foster
190 Don’t Think About Her (Trying To Drive) Little Village
191 Don’t Think About Her (Trying To Drive) John Hiatt
192 Dope Boyz T.I.
193 Doubt Me Now Lil Wyte
194 Down And Out Man BTO
195 Down in Memphis Pieta Brown
196 Down in Memphis Judge’s Daughter
197 Down in Memphis Kowtow Popof
198 Dreaming of Memphis Nate Birkey
199 Drive By Three 6 Mafia
200 Dumb Out Joe Budden
201 E.I. Nelly
202 East of Eden, West of Memphis Spock’s Beard
203 Electric Memphis Chris Rea
204 Elouise (to The Tune Of Growin’ Up) Bruce Springsteen
205 Elvis Ate America U2
206 Elvis Esta Vivo Andres Calamaro
207 Elvis in Brooklyn Enemies Swe
208 Elvis on Velvet Stray Cats
209 Elvis, Be True Girlysound
210 Elvis, Be True Liz Phair
211 Elvis Presley Boulevard Billy Joel
212 Emphasis on Memphis Effingham-n-Wheatstraw
213 Enchantment Passing Through Dru Hill
214 Enchantment Passing Through Elton John
215 Enchantment Passing Through Sisqo
216 Everybody Memphis Bleek
217 Everybody Rise Again Busta Rhymes
218 Extravaganza Jamie Foxx
219 Fairasee Woman (Memphis Woman) Peetie Wheatstraw
220 Far From Over Edwin McCain
221 Fergus Sings the Blues Deacon Blue/Ricky Ross
222 Finer Feelings Spoon
223 First Train to Memphis Dennis Gurley
224 Flashes Three 6 Mafia
225 Flip Flops Paul Wright
226 Floater (too Much To Ask) Bob Dylan
227 Four Kids in Memphis Five Iron Frenzy
228 Four Until Late Cream
229 From Four Til Late Robert Johnson
230 From Galway to Graceland Richard Thompson
231 From Graceland to the Promised Land Merle Haggard
232 From Maui to Memphis Carol Dabney
233 From Memphis to Mobile Johnny Horton
234 From Memphis to New Orleans Harmonica FrankFloyd
235 Full Moon Machine Gun Fellatio
236 Full Time Love John Michael Montgomery
237 Function At The Junction Huey Lewis & the News
238 Furry Sings the Blues Joni Mitchell
239 Furry’s Blues Furry Lewis
240 Garden Of Simple Ani Difranco
241 Germantown Blues Settlers
242 Get Em’ Up Pastor Troy
243 Get It Crunk Eightball
244 Get It On Big Ed
245 Get Out of Memphis Get Out of Memphis
246 Getting’ On in Memphis Jill Jack
247 Ghetto Raised Pastor Troy
248 Ghostin’ Lil Wyte
249 Ginger Man Brian Cadd
250 Girl from Memphis One Left
251 Go 2 Sleep Ludacris
252 God Rest His Soul Allman Brothers Band
253 Goin’ Down the Road to Memphis Don Nix
254 Goin’ Back to Memphis Daddy Mac Orr
255 Goin’ Back to Memphis Gene Simmons
256 Goin’ Down the Road to Memphis Don Nix
257 Goin’ Down to Memphis Townes Van Zandt
258 Goin’ to Memphis Carl Perkins
259 Going Back Down To Memphis River Bluff Clan
260 Going Back to Louisiana Delbert McClinton
261 Going Back to Memphis The Band
262 Going Back to Memphis Eric Burdon
263 Going Back to Memphis Mark Rivers
264 Going Back to Memphis Memphis Jug Band
265 Going Back to Memphis The Soledad Brothers
266 Going Back to Memphis Muddy Waters
267 Going Down to Memphis Bill Perry
268 Going Down to Memphis Dr. “Feelgood” Potts
269 Going Nowhere Slow The Bloodhound Gang
270 Going to Chicago Ten Years After
271 Going to Memphis Ron Gay
272 Going to Memphis Johnny Cash
273 Going Up to Memphis Chris Rea
274 Gold Shine Project Pat
275 Golden Age of Radio Josh Ritter
276 Goldie Les Cowboys Fringants
277 Gone to Memphis LaTresa.
278 Gonna Beat It Back to Memphis Monkey Joe
279 Good As Gold (Stupid As Mud) Beautiful South
280 Good Woman Blues Mel Tillis
281 Goodbye Memphis Black River Band
282 Got Dat Drank Frayser Boy
283 Got Fame Now Envy Lil Afficial
284 Got the Memphis Blues Matt Isbell
285 Gotta Get Down to Memphis Pat McLaughlin
286 Gotta Get to Memphis Todd Snider
287 Graceland Dan Bern
288 Graceland Willie Nelson
289 Graceland Paul Simon
290 Graceland to Promised Land Merle Haggard
291 Grand Ole Opry Song Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
292 Grey Ghost Mike Doughty
293 Guerrilla De Mc’s Geronacion
294 Guitarman Jesus & Mary Chain
295 Guitar Man Elvis Presley
296 Guitar Man Jerry Reed
297 Gunclaps Three 6 Mafia
298 Gutra’s Garden Janis Joplin
299 Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves Cher
300 Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves Nirvana
301 Gypsy Lou Bob Dylan
302 Halfway to Memphis One Mile South
303 Halfway to Memphis Sammy Hagar
304 Hands In The Air Eightball
305 Headed Out of Memphis Cold Blue Steel
306 Hello Memphis Donnie Fritts
307 Hello Memphis Keith Sykes
308 Here I Come Tech N9ne
309 Hey Elvis Bryan Adams
310 Hey Memphis LaVern Baker
311 Hey St. Peter Bad Examples
312 Hiawatha Laurie Anderson
313 Highway Junkie Randy Travis
314 Highway Song James Taylor
315 Hillbilly Rock Marty Stuart
316 Holla Holla DJ Clue F
317 Hollywood Star Gary Revel
318 Home On Monday Little River Band
319 Home With Me Chumbawamba
320 Honey (Won’t You Open That Door?) Ricky Skaggs
321 Honky Tonk Preston Shannon
322 Honky Tonk Woman Joe Cocker
323 Honky Tonk Woman Albert King
324 Honky Tonk Woman Tina Turner
325 Honky Tonk Women Mcfly
326 Honky Tonk Women Sheryl Crow
327 Honky Tonk Women Pogues
328 Honky Tonk Women Rolling Stones
329 Hooked On The Love Buju Banton
330 Hoop In Yo Face 69 Boyz
331 How Bad Do You Want It Tim McGraw
332 How I Got to Memphis Bobby Bare
333 Hypnotize Cash Money Tear Da Club Up Thugs
334 I Am Kid Rock
335 I Dream a Highway Gillian Welch
336 I Gave My Love a Diamond Them featuring V.Morrison
337 I Just Dropped In (See What Condition) Cave Nick
338 I Know You Want Me Young Buck
339 I Lost My Gal from Memphis Jimmie Noone
340 I Need a Miracle New Radicals
341 I Never Picked Cotton Johnny Cash
342 I Promised You the World Aaron Tippin
343 I Remember Elvis Presley Danny Mirror
344 I Shot Ya LL Cool J
345 I Shoulda Been from Memphis Xray Men
346 I Try to Think About Elvis Patty Loveless
347 I Wanna Be Like Elvis P. Will O’ The Wisp
348 I Wanna Live in Memphis Bryan Lee
349 I Want it All Warren G
350 I Wish I Could Have Been There John Anderson
351 I Wish You’d Stay Brad Paisley
352 I Won’t Give Up My Train Merle Haggard / Roger Miller
353 I’ve Been to Memphis Lyle Lovett
354 I’ve Been Waiting For You Jessica Andrews
355 I’ve Never Been to Memphis Billy Ray Martin
356 If a Train Left for Memphis Continental Divide
357 If I Don’t Be There By Morning Eric Clapton
358 If I Dont’ Be There By Morning Bob Dylan
359 If You Catch Me Sleeping Eilen Jewell
360 I’ll Always Have Denver Steve Wariner
361 I’ll Never Stop Loving You Gary Morris
362 I’m Goin’ to Memphis Percy Wilson and Group
363 In Grafenwohr Casanovas Schwule Seite
364 In Memphis Todd Snider
365 In My Continental Atmosphere
366 In My Home in Shelby County Johnny Horton
367 In Need of a Miracle New Radicals
368 In the Mood for Memphis Gary Johns
369 In the Mood for Memphis Susan Marshall
370 In the Rain Melvins
371 In Their Darkened Shrines Nile
372 Interlude Indie.Arie
373 Investigative Reports Genius
374 It Ain’t Over Terrence Howard
375 It Came from Memphis Rosie Flores
376 It Still Rains in Memphis T.G. Sheppard
377 It’s Hard Out There For A Pimp Terrence Howard
378 It’s Hard Out There For A Pimp Three 6 Mafia
379 I’ve Been to Memphis Lyle Lovett
380 I’ve Been to Memphis Gusto
381 I’ve Been Waiting for You Jessica Andrews
382 Jack vs Jose Peacemakers
383 Jane 6 EMPD
384 Jazzbo Brown from Memphis Town Bessie Smith
385 Jesse Scott Walker
386 Jet Lag Nazareth
387 Johnny Bye Bye Bruce Springsteen
388 Johnny Ryall Beastie Boys
389 Joy Lucinda Williams
390 Juke Box Boogie (Memphis Boogie) Dr. Ross
391 Just a Boy from Memphis Star Barefoot Walker
392 Just Dropped In Kenny Rogers
393 Just Dropped In The First Edition
394 Just Enough Rope Suzy Bogguss
395 Just Enough To Get To Memphis Ty Herndon
396 Just Like Candy Eightball & MJG
397 Just Like New Wynonna Jude
398 Just Like Us Three 6 Mafia
399 Just Take Me Lari White
400 Kassie Jones Part 2 Furry Lewis
401 Katie Left Memphis Percy Wilson and Group
402 Killa Klan Juicy J
403 Killing A Camera Braid
404 King Rocker Billy Idol
405 King Rocker Generation X
406 King’s Call Philip Lynott
407 Kiss Me Shelly Fairchild
408 Krispy Kia Shine
409 La Fievre N.T.M.
410 La La La Do or Die
411 Lady Memphis Johnathan Rice
412 Last Night, Ev’ry Night Reba McEntire
413 Last Run to Memphis Del Reeves
414 Last Time I Left Memphis Jay Hooks
415 Last Time I Saw Memphis Diffuser
416 Last Train to Memphis Bobby Charles
417 Last Train to Memphis The Femurs
418 Last Train to Memphis The Band
419 Last Train to Memphis Jason Ringenberg
420 Last Train to Memphis Johnny Rivers
421 Leather Jackets Elton John
422 Leavin’ for Memphis James Harman Band
423 Leavin’ Memphis, Frisco Bound Jesse Fuller
424 Left My Gal in Memphis Bubber Miley & His Mileage Makers
425 Let’s Ride Eightball & MJG
426 Letter to Memphis The Pixies
427 Lewis Boogie Jerry Lee Lewis
428 Lewis Boogie Blues Waylon Payne
429 Life Is a Highway Tom Cochrane
430 Life Is a Highway Rascal Flatts
431 Life is a Highway Chris Ledoux
432 Lights Out Jennifer Lopez
433 Lights Out Lisa Marie Presley
434 Lions For Scottie Hey Rosetta!
435 Liquor and Dat Bud Three 6 Mafia
436 Little Marie Chuck Berry
437 Live By Yo Rep Three 6 Mafia
438 Living in Memphis Paul Butterfield Blues Band
439 Long Distance Lover Reba McEntire
440 Long Shadow Joe Strummer & the
441 Long Way from Memphis Lonnie Mack & SRV
442 Long Way Home Bruce Robison
443 Long Way to Memphis Doug Balance
444 Long Way to Memphis Harmonica Buzz
445 Long Way to Memphis Susan Haynes
446 Long Way to Memphis Runaway Planet
447 Look At The Grillz Eightball & MJG
448 Look Like You Lil Wyte
449 Louisiana Song Pat Green
450 Lovely Memphis Day Memphis All Stars
451 Low Down Dirty Mean Allman Brothers Band
452 Lying About The Blues Dr. Feelgood
453 Lynne & Andy REM
454 M.E.M.P.H.I.S The Disco Biscuits
455 Mad Man in Memphis John Spencer’s Parlour Games
456 Madrid Memphis Vargas Bluesband
457 Mafia Three 6 Mafia
458 Mama I’ve Got to Go to Memphis Merle Haggard
459 Man Fat Bows
460 Marie-Jeanne Michel Sardou
461 Maybe It Was Memphis Pam Tillis
462 Me and Elvis Flying Circus
463 Meanwhile Back in Memphis David Allen Coe
464 Meet Me in Memphis Jimmy Buffet
465 Meet Me in Memphis JD Meyers
466 Memphis Babe the Blue Ox
467 Memphis Arthur Briggs
468 Memphis Brownie Mary
469 Memphis John Cale
470 Memphis Sara Camin
471 Memphis Sandy Carroll
472 Memphis Todd Cecil
473 Memphis Davis Coen
474 Memphis Lloyd Cole
475 Memphis Clay Crosse
476 Memphis Cry Cry Cry
477 Memphis Catie Curtis
478 Memphis Dangerman
479 Memphis John Gaar
480 Memphis Hayden
481 Memphis Jan & Dean
482 Memphis Fister, Hamm, Bisonnette
483 Memphis Flatt & Scruggs
484 Memphis Cliff Eberhardt
485 Memphis Ben Graves
486 Memphis Danny Morris Band
487 Memphis Andi Hoffman & B. Goes
488 Memphis Jon Dawson
489 Memphis Jeffey Halford & The Healers
490 Memphis Janis Ian
491 Memphis Blue BossaNova
492 Memphis Joe Jackson
493 Memphis Eddie Jefferson
494 Memphis Kampfire Kowboys
495 Memphis King Curtis
496 Memphis Maggi, Pierce and E.J.
497 Memphis Bob Marley
498 Memphis Sean McConnell
499 Memphis Jean Jacques Milteau
500 Memphis Morning Glories
501 Memphis Morrissey
502 Memphis Nashville West
503 Memphis Mark Nicholas
504 Memphis Buck Owens
505 Memphis John Patton
506 Memphis Phantom Helmsmen
507 Memphis Pianosaurus
508 Memphis Ben Prestage
509 Memphis The Push Kings
510 Memphis Rancid
511 Memphis Reivers Soundtrack
512 Memphis Amberjack Rice
513 Memphis Johnny Rivers
514 Memphis Eve Selis
515 Memphis Statler Brothers
516 Memphis Izzy Stradlin
517 Memphis Taxi Chain
518 Memphis James Taylor
519 Memphis Elaine Townsend
520 Memphis Pere Ubu
521 Memphis U.S. Bombs
522 Memphis Ventures
523 Memphis Bob Wills & His TPB
524 Memphis Cassandra Wilson
525 Memphis Faron Young
526 Memphis (Highway 72) Delta Queens
527 Memphis #999 Graveyard Train
528 Memphis Afternoon Eric Hansen
529 Memphis and 53rd Minus the Bear
530 Memphis and Arkansas Bridge Charlie Rich
531 Memphis Angel Paul Inman
532 Memphis Beale Street RX Blues
533 Memphis Beat Jerry Lee Lewis
534 Memphis Beat The Nighthawks
535 Memphis Belle Hank Williams, Jr.
536 Memphis Bleek Is Memphis Bleek
537 Memphis Bliss Rogue Unit
538 Memphis Blues Louis Armstrong
539 Memphis Blues Eubie Blake
540 Memphis Blues Bob Scobey’s Frisco Band
541 Memphis Blues Johnny Charles
542 Memphis Blues Duke Ellington
543 Memphis Blues Jimmie Dale Gilmore
544 Memphis Blues (Instrumental) W. C. Handy
545 Memphis Blues Doc Watson
546 Memphis Blues Eddie Thomas
547 Memphis Blues Holly Shelton
548 Memphis Boogie Jessie Fuller
549 Memphis Bound Dave Lewis Band
550 Memphis Bound Rosa Henderson
551 Memphis Bound James Mathus
552 Memphis Bound Ron Orlando, Mystery Train
553 Memphis Bound Bryan Lee
554 Memphis Boy Blues Memphis Jugband
555 Memphis Cathouse John SaFranko
556 Memphis City Rain Angie Aparo
557 Memphis Egypt Mike Badger
558 Memphis Emphasis Tristeza
559 Memphis Exorcism Squirrel Nut Zippers
560 Memphis Fives Lee Green
561 Memphis Flu Elder Curry
562 Memphis Flu Two Man Gentlemen Band
563 Memphis Flyer Neil Diamond
564 Memphis Girl Little Al Thomas
565 Memphis Groove Jackie Mittoo
566 Memphis Has Got the Blues Rita Chiarelli
567 Memphis Heat Memphis Slim
568 Memphis High The Kerry Kearney Band
569 Memphis Hip Shake The Cult
570 Memphis in June Hoagy Carmichael
571 Memphis in June Nina Simone
572 Memphis in June Joyce Cobb
573 Memphis in June Lucy Ann Polk
574 Memphis in May Don McMinn
575 Memphis in May Zak Perry
576 Memphis in the Meantime John Hiatt
577 Memphis in the Meantime Sam Bush
578 Memphis in the Morning Mem Shannone
579 Memphis in Your Mind Ringo Starr
580 Memphis Jellyroll Stefan Grossman
581 Memphis Jug Blues Eddie Thomas
582 Memphis Keeps Rolling On Patrick Dodd
583 Memphis Lady Jon Dawson
584 Memphis Last Night Savoy Brown
585 Memphis Lights Dave James
586 Memphis Lives in Me Bon Jovi
587 Memphis Love Tha 12
588 Memphis Mail Scott Dunbar
589 Memphis Man Don Nix
590 Memphis Man Ethel Waters
591 Memphis Memories Mike Dekle
592 Memphis Midnight/Memphis Morning Lyle Lovett
593 Memphis Monday Morning Bobby “Blue” Bland
594 Memphis Money Burrito Deluxe
595 Memphis Moon Duff Durrough
596 Memphis Moon Hobson Smith
597 Memphis Nights The Voodoo Kings
598 Memphis Pearl Lucinda Williams
599 Memphis Pig Martin Rivas
600 Memphis Queen Joe Grushecky
601 Memphis Radio Susan Sheller
602 Memphis Radio Blues Michael Bloomfield
603 Memphis Rag R.L.Watson
604 Memphis Rain Stephanie Thomson
605 Memphis Rhythm Bob Marley
606 Memphis Rocks Steve Byers
607 Memphis Rocks Billy Swan
608 Memphis Rounders Blues Frank Stokes
609 Memphis Shake Chicago
610 Memphis Shuffle Marty Grebb
611 Memphis Skyline Rufus Wainwright
612 Memphis Slim U.S.A. Memphis Slim
613 Memphis Soul Song Uncle Kracker
614 Memphis Soul Stew King Curtis
615 Memphis Soul Stew Wilson Pickett
616 Memphis Special LeRoy Mack
617 Memphis Special King Wilkie
618 Memphis Stomp Blues Boys
619 Memphis Stomp Dave Grusin
620 Memphis Streets Neil Diamond
621 Memphis Style Marcus Hummon
622 Memphis, Tennessee The Beatles
623 Memphis, Tennessee Chuck Berry
624 Memphis, Tennessee The Faces
625 Memphis, Tennessee Cast King
626 Memphis, Tennessee Roscoe Gordon
627 Memphis, Tennessee Johnny Rivers
628 Memphis, Tennessee Sons of Soil
629 Memphis, Tennessee Lena Wilson
630 Memphis Texas Chip Taylor
631 Memphis Thang Bihlman Brothers
632 Memphis Thing Rob Jungklas
633 Memphis till Monday Bob Cheevers
634 Memphis Time Gin Blossoms
635 Memphis to Nixon Beat Farmers
636 Memphis Town Paul Rishell & Annie Raines
637 Memphis Town McCarty Hite Project
638 Memphis Train Rufus Thomas
639 Memphis Train Beat Generation
640 Memphis Train Farwell
641 Memphis Train Don Gallardo
642 Memphis Train Buddy Miles
643 Memphis Train Soundtrack
644 Memphis, Trouble-Free Enchanted Ape
645 Memphis Turnaround Van Wilks
646 Memphis Underground Andy Masters
647 Memphis Up to Nashville Eli Stevens
648 Memphis USA Johnny Hallyday
649 Memphis Woman Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash
650 Memphis Woman Daniel Brodsky
651 Memphis Women and Chicken Dan Penn
652 Memphis Yodel Jimmie Rodgers
653 Mercy in Memphis Chris Aaron
654 Midnight In Memphis Bette Midler
655 Midnight in Memphis Earl Thomas
656 Midnight in Mmephis Preston Shannon
657 Midnight Man Allman Brothers
658 Midnight Train to Memphis Kid Rock
659 Miles Away Great White
660 Miles to Memphis Darryl Lee Rush
661 Mind To Ramble Blues Traveler
662 Miracle Crystal Bernard
663 Miss Ol’ St. Louie J.J. Cale
664 M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I Red Foley
665 Mississippi Chris Rea
666 Mississippi 2 Chris Rea
667 Mississippi Moon Dog Molly Hatchet
668 Mississippi River J.J.Cale
669 Mississippi River Blues Ida Cox
670 Mississippi River Blues Leon Redbone
671 Mississippi River Blues Hank Snow
672 Mississippi River Dance George McAnthony
673 Molly and Tenbrooks Bill Monroe
674 Money, Hoes, Power Jermaine Dupri
675 Money Talks Mud Boy & the Neutrons
676 Montana Rocky Votolato
677 Montgomery to Memphis Sheri Porter
678 Montgomery to Memphis Le Ann Womack
679 Moonlight in Memphis Ericson Holt
680 Moonlight Over Memphis Barbara Blue
681 Move to Memphis a-ha
682 Movin’ Back to Memphis Chris Cain
683 Mr. Wilson Jayhawks
684 Multicolord Lady Greg Allman
685 Murda 4 Life Ja Rule
686 Music Makin’ Mama Hank Snow
687 My Baby She Left Me Junior Wells
688 My Elusive Dreams George Jones
689 My Elusive Dreams Tom Jones
690 My Elusive Dreams Nancy Sinatra
691 My Elusive Dreams Tammy Wynette
692 My Head’s In Mississippi ZZ Top
693 My Heart’s In Memphis Irma Thomas
694 My Homeboy’s Girlfriend Eightball
695 My Hood Cam’ron
696 Naked in Memphis Redd Skyy
697 Natchez Trace Dusty Springfield
698 Natural Born Boogie Humble Pie
699 Natural Thing UFO
700 Never Been to Memphis Daphne & Celeste
701 Never Been to Memphis Last Train Home
702 Never Comin’ Down Deana Carter
703 Never Made it to Memphis Melanie Ayers
704 Never Really Been to Memphis John Deacon
705 New Minglewood Blues Grateful Dead
706 New Moon Over Memphis The Nimmo Brothers
707 Night Train Bouncing Souls
708 Night Train to Memphis Roy Acuff
709 Night Train to Memphis Jerry Lee Lewis
710 Night Train to Memphis Dolly Parton
711 Nightbird Eva Cassidy
712 No Train to Memphis BR5-49
713 North Memphis Project Pat
714 North Memphis Area Three 6 Mafia
715 North Memphis Blues Memphis Minnie
716 North Memphis Café Suzy Thompson
717 Nothin Bout Memphis Trisha Yearwood
718 Nowhere Slow Bloodhound Gang
719 Nubi Di Ieri Sul Nostro Domani Odierno Elio e le Storie
720 O.V. Three 6 Mafia
721 Oakland to Memphis Paul Wood
722 Oh Louisiana Chuck Berry
723 Ol’ Man River James Hyter
724 On a Corner In Memphis Todd Agnew
725 On l’Appelait Blue Nana Mouskouri
726 On My Way to Memphis Johnny Marshall
727 On Point Heavy D. & the Boyz
728 One Day Past Memphis Peter Brienholt
729 One Of Their Own Mark McGuinn
730 One of These Days Drive-By Truckers
731 One Step Ahead of the Blues J.J. Cale
732 One Way Home Hooters
733 One Way Ticket to Memphis Terry Evans
734 One Way Ticket to Memphis Bobby King
735 Paid Dues Eightball & MJG
736 Perfect World Roger Daltrey
737 Pirate Radio John Hiatt
738 Planet Rock 2K Tech N9ne
739 Playerz Night Out Eightball & MJG
740 Pop 4 Roc Jay-Z
741 Portrait of the Artist as a Hood 3rd Bass
742 Possie Song Lil Wyte
743 Postcard from Graceland Erika Luckett
744 Prevent This Tragedy Alkaline Trio
745 Pride (In the Name of Love) Dark
746 Pride (In the Name of Love) U2
747 Prisoner Of The Highway Ronnie Milsap
748 Prophet Posse Three 6 Mafia
749 Proud Mary Creedence Clearwater Revival
750 Proud Mary Time Machine
751 Proud Mary Ike & Tina Turner
752 Queen of Memphis Confederate Railroad
753 Radio Mmephis Gregor Hilden
754 Rain in Memphis dbcurtis
755 Raining in Memphis 7th Avenue
756 Raining in Memphis Dan Penn
757 Raise Up OURS
758 Raise Up Saliva
759 Raise Ya Thumbs Up Juicy J
760 Ramblin’ Red’s Memphis Yodel No.1 Ramblin’ Red Lowery
761 Ready for Memphis Neal & Leandra
762 Ready for Saturday Night Joanna Dean
763 Rep Yo City E-40
764 Rep Yo City Lil’ Jon & Eastside Boyz
765 Reppin North Memphis Lil
766 Represent It Project Pat
767 Retreat from Memphis The Mekons
768 Return to Memphis Dr.SeanStern / KobiOshrat
769 Revelation Joe Nichols
770 Revalations Waylon Jennings
771 Revival! Me Phi Me
772 Ridin Spinners Lil Flip
773 Rip This Joint Rolling Stones
774 Rock A Billy Guy Mitchell
775 Rock And Roll (Fais Do Do) Roy Orbison
776 Rock Back Billy John Hiatt
777 Rockin in Memphis Skyla Burell Band
778 Rocks in Memphis U.S. Bombs
779 Roll Call All 4 One
780 Roll Muddy River Wilburn Brothers
781 Roll With Me P. Diddy
782 Rollin’ Down to Memphis Steve Palmer
783 Rose of Memphis Rodney Crowell
784 Rowdy Rowdy 50 Cent
785 Royal Café Everclear
786 Running On Steve Winwood
787 Santa Claus in Memphis Jeff Gustafson
788 Searching for the Face of Jesus Pet Shop Boys
789 Secret Wars 2 Last Emperor
790 Senorita Justin Timberlake
791 Senorita Philippe Buhler
792 Sentimental Johnny Flogging Molly
793 She Is Always Seventeen Harry Chapin
794 Ship of Fools John Cale
795 Show Me What You Got Limp Bizkit
796 Shroud of Memphis Brad Mahugh
797 Since I Found You Chris Rea
798 Sins of Memphisto John Prine
799 Six Hour Drive July For Kings
800 Sleepy Little Train to Memphis the Why Store
801 Slow Down Ghandi Sage Francis
802 Slow Me Down Lynne Shelby
803 So What You Sayin’ Beanie Sigel
804 Solid Ball of Rock Saxon
805 Somebody Stole My Guitar Deep Purple
806 Someday Steve Earle
807 Someone’s Got a Hold of My Heart Bob Dylan
808 Sons and Lovers Alcatrazz
809 South From Memphis Jacob & the Jackals
810 South Memphis Blues Frank Stokes
811 South Memphis Blues Todd Snider
812 Southern Loving Jim Ed Brown
813 Spokane Motel Blues Tom T. Hall
814 St. Louis Woman (Memphis Melody) Ann Peebles
815 Stand Beside Me Jo Dee Messina
816 Stay Fly Three 6 Mafia
817 Steve McQueen Sheryl Crow
818 Stomp Three 6 Mafia
819 Stompin’ and Pimpin’ Eightball
820 Strap Up Mr. Serv On
821 Strictly Memphis Rolling Stones
822 Stuck Inside of Mobile Bob Dylan
823 Stuck Inside of Mobile Mud Boy & The Neutrons
824 Sunday in Memphis Big House
825 Sunday Morning in Memphis L.T. Patterson
826 Sunday Morning to Saturday Night Matraca Berg
827 Sweet Louisiana Sound Billy Pilgrim
828 Take It Down to Memphis Rick Moore & Mr.Lucky
829 Take Me Lari White
830 Take Me Back to Memphis Holland K. Smith
831 Talk Memphis Chris Smither
832 Talk Memphis Jesse Winchester
833 Talkin’ Three 6 Mafia
834 Talkin’ Memphis Blues Todd Snider
835 Tattoo Faster Pussycat
836 Tattoos & Scars Montgomery Gentry
837 Tennessee’s Not the State I’m In Joe Ely
838 That Blue Eyed Baby From Memphis Don Redman & His Orchestra
839 That Drank Project Pat
840 That’s How I Got to Memphis Charlie Sizemore Band
841 That’s How I Got to Memphis Tom T. Hall
842 That’s How I Got to Memphis Rosanne Cash
843 The Ballad of Arlis Richards Big Tent Revival
844 The Ballad of Casey Jones Wallace Saunders
845 The Captain Ingram Hill
846 The Chosen Ones The Black Sorrows
847 The Chosen Ones John Denver
848 The Congregation Pastor Troy
849 The Drag Queens of Memphis Sponge
850 The Golden Road Grateful Dead
851 The Grinch Tech N9ne
852 The House That Peterbilt Clutch
853 The Levee Johnny Lang
854 The Martian Boogie Brownsville Station
855 The Memphis Blues Holly Shelton
856 The Memphis Push Otis Grand
857 The Moose of Memphis Wally Ford
858 The Movement KRS-One
859 The New Memphis Blues Nick Charles
860 The Night G.G. Allen Came to Town Drive-By Truckers
861 The Player Way Mase
862 The Prettiest Waitress in Memphis Cory Branan
863 The Radio in Memphis Swimming Pool Q’s
864 The Radio Song Gene Clark
865 The Roc (Just Fire) Cam’ron
866 The Singing Bridge of Memphis TN John Fahey
867 The Sound of San Francisco Global Deejays
868 The Sun’s Gonna Rise Again Bob Simon & Randy Haspell
869 The Venus of the Soup Kitchen Prefab Sprout
870 Throw Dem Bows Pastor Troy
871 Throw Yo Setts in Da Air Three 6 Mafia
872 Thug Angels Wyclef Jean
873 Thunder Road Robert Mitchum
874 Tibetan Black Magicians Jedi Mind Tricks
875 Tight Connection to My Heart Bob Dylan
876 Time Machine Mark Wills
877 Time We Spent in Memphis Artie Tobia
878 Too Many Tears Elton John
879 Too Short Song Dj Micheal Watts
880 Touched Wit It Three 6 Mafia
881 Train Leaving Memphis the way it is
882 Train to Memphis Sue Foley
883 Train to Memphis Sister Blue
884 Train, Train Blackfoot
885 Train, Train Dolly Parton
886 Train, Train Warrant
887 Travellin’ Band Creedence Clearwater Revival
888 Travellin’ Band Elton John
889 Truck Drivin’ Man Lynyrd Skynyrd
890 Truck Drivin’ Son-of-a-Gun Dave Dudley
891 Try, Try, Try Smashing Pumpkins
892 Tryin’ To Live My Life Without You Bob Seger
893 Trying To Find Atlantis Jaime O’Neal
894 T-time In Memphis House of Large Sizes
895 Tunica Motel Tony Joe White
896 Twilight Zone Manhattan Transfer
897 Two Joints to Memphis Guy Scwartz & New Jack
898 Ubangi Stomp Alice Cooper
899 Ubangi Stomp The Busters
900 Ultimo Tango A Memphis Luciano Ligabue
901 Under the Milky Way The Church
902 Under the Milky Way Kill Hannah
903 Under the Milky Way Grant Lee Phillips
904 Under the Milky Way Seven Nations
905 Undercover Freaks Tear Da Club Up Thugs
906 Unfortunates State Radio
907 Up Memphis Blues Tommy Womak
908 Up There Project Pat
909 Up to Memphis Charlie O.& the Houserockers
910 Victim of Life’s Circumstances Vince Gill
911 Victim of Life’s Circumstances Delbert McClinton
912 Visions of Plenty Kate Campbell
913 Wake Up Memphis L.I.
914 Walking in Memphis Cher
915 Walking in Memphis Marc Cohn
916 Walking in Memphis Dave Matthews Band
917 Walking in Memphis Lonestar
918 Walking in Memphis Bruce Springstein
919 Walking in the Mmephis Rain Blue Larry Blues
920 Wash Jones Squirrel Nut Zippers
921 Way Cool Jr. Ratt
922 Way Down in Memphis Kenny “Blue” Ray
923 Waymore’s Blues Roy Orbison
924 Wayward Saints of Memphis Etta James
925 We Ain’t Kool Lil Wyte
926 We Be Clubbin’ Ice Cube
927 We ‘Bout to Ride Three 6 Mafia
928 We Just Wanna Party With You Snoop Dogg
929 We Started This Eightball & MJG
930 We Takin’ Over DJ Khaled
931 We’ll Still Have Memphise Barrellhouse Bonni
932 Went to Memphis Mike Maves
933 West Memphis Blues Sonny Boy Williamson
934 West Memphis Lawyer Big Tent Revival
935 West Memphis Moon Chuck Prophet
936 West Memphis Promenade Blistering
937 What I Really Mean Robert Earl Keen
938 Whatcha Know Three 6 Mafia
939 Whatever Happened to Memphis Paul Mark and the van Dorens
940 What’s That Sound Angie Martinez
941 What’s Your Mama’s Name Tanya Tucker
942 When I Came to Memphis Honey Boy Edwards
943 When The Levee Breaks Blues Traveler
944 When the Weight Comes Down Black Stone Cherry
945 Where the Hell is Memphis The Hellcats
946 Where Ya From Mobb Deep
947 While I Was Waiting Chely Wright
948 Whiskey Faced, Radioactive, Blowdryin' Lady Beck
949 Whiskey On Ice Hank Williams, Jr.
950 Whiskey Rock-a-Roller Lynyrd Skynyrd
951 White Lexus Mike Doughty
952 Whoa Black Rob
953 Who I Is Three 6 Mafia
954 Who Want What Beanie Sigel
955 Who Would You Be George Canyon
956 Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes George Jones
957 Wild Ride Doobie Brothers
958 Wise After the Event Phillips Anthony
959 Wish the World Would Come to Memphis David Clayton-Thomas
960 WKYA Redman
961 Woman Down in Memphis Red Clay Ramblers
962 Woody & Dutch (Slow Train To Peking) Rickie Lee Jones
963 Workin’ for MCA Lynyrd Skynyrd
964 Worthless Thing Elvis Costello
965 Wrong Side of Memphis Trisha Yearwood
966 You Don’t Have to Go to Memphis Asleep At the Wheel
967 You Know What I’m Saying Run DMC
968 You Should Be Glad Widespread Panic
969 Zu Cool Fur Rock ‘n’ Roll Chefdenker
 970 Dreaming of Italy  Rob Jungklas 
 971 Me and Elvis  Human Radio 
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