Friday, January 29, 2010

Day Twenty Four

"Three Characters" in process. Notice Phil is overseeing.
New terminus discovered while making "Three Characters"
"Three Characters" complete and delivered.

 Today we are having an "Ice Storm". I am trying to keep an open mind, because in Michigan this constitutes a beautiful day.
I am getting a really good perspective on how much harsh weather we really live with in Michigan. From a southern viewpoint, Michiganders are a crazy brand of super tough people.
The whole of Memphis is shut down and I may be the only person on the grounds today. Acting as sole Museum Blacksmith, I will continue my forging. After completeing "Three Characters" I have not yet had enough of the "funny little shapes on the ends of the skinny sticks." (my fine art training is really paying off!). Its great to be back at the forge, working with ferrous metal, something within my realm of experience. I will not linger long, however, as I am not here to function within my comfort zone. I am planning on forging a few pieces, but then taking those ideas and translating them to forged fine silver in a drastically smaller scale. Then the fun really begins (and the muttering and cursing and pacing and heavy sighs).