Monday, January 11, 2010


Wally wonders while Holly ponders. Photographed during Repair Days 2008 by Sharon Bicks at The Metal Museum.

Wally, large fiberglass horse, John "Duff" Medwedeff. 1984.

Who Is Wally?
James A. Wallace "Wally"
Founding Director of The National Ornamental Metal Museum "Metal Museum"
Creator of the Museum's make something out of nothing culture. An underlying enthusiasm for accomplishing seemingly impossible goals.
Retired happily after 30 years of dedicated service.
Admired by most all.
Held in high esteem by many.
Master Blacksmith. Goldsmith. Silversmith. Whitesmith. Smithsmith.
Part Border Collie, part fisherman, part cowboy, part playwright.

Thanks Wally for making this place, where we've all enjoyed so many wonderful things. Thanks for making sure the buildings stayed intact, dry and warm.
Thanks for building a smithy, a foundry, and a library.
Thanks for caring when you shouldn't have.
Thanks for working too hard.
Thanks for sharing.