Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day Eighteen..

Flummi in the cross ties at Mid South Dressage Academy.
Two Holly horses sprued up and ready to invest.

Big Thanks goes to Stephen Engelhardt who sent 5 oz. of fine silver for my project. Thanks so much Steve! you're for sure going to get a piece from the project, couldn't have done it without you! Plus, its so nice to get mail from home.

If you see some American made cast silver work and wonder why its so expensive, I can tell you. This process takes so much time and patience and effort. Just the waxes alone have consumed massive amounts of time. But I'm making headway and once I get it just right then I can make many. However, just for fun check the current price of Silver, its very high. So, you might not be able to get a silver piece, but I will make white bronze, bronze and pewter for you less than fabulously wealthy patrons. Notice, I did not even approach the issue of gold... the ole AU is astronomical!.. good thing I don't really think its that pretty of a metal anyway..

Last night at The Mid South Dressage Academy I worked with 4 horses. Worked means, I'd hurry to find their stalls, put their halters on, lead them to the cross ties, take their blankets off, brush them down, pick their hooves, put on their leggings, scramble to find their saddle and bridle, figure out which goes where, since each is slightly different, put on their saddles, bridle them, and lead them to the arena to hand them off to Nick, THEN take the horse he was riding and reverse the tasks, all the while making sure I had yet ANOTHER horse ready to go when Nick was done.. WHEW! I sure am earning my riding lessons!  The horses I hassled last night are: Flummi, Wendy, Belle, and Julie. Of all of the horses, I took a liking to Flummi best. If Phil the dog were a horse, he's be like Flummi. Flummi would nudge me with his nose if I hadn't petted him enough and took to looking at me right in the eye and nuzzling my face. PRICELESS! It took all of 4 hours, but it was fun and fantastic and I came home dusty, smelling of horses, with dirt under my nails - always a good sign.

P.S. Memphis has the best tap water in the WORLD. I am sure of it, Its all because of the aquifer that runs parallel to the Mississippi. Its ok to drink out of the tap here. In fact, the tap water is cleaner than most bottled water you can buy. YEAH!