Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day Ninteen...

1. Amazing artist and teacher, Richard Prillaman visits the Metal Museum to teach Jeannie and Holly how to use RTV silicone rubber to cast coins.
2. Jeannie's magnesium Mardi Gras coin patterns!
3. Jake and Phil take a little break

Saturday (yesterday) was a very productive day. Richard Prillaman came into teach Jeannie and I how to cast coins with RTV silicone rubber. It was delightful to spend some time with such an accomplished artist and wonderful teacher. Richard Prillaman has exhibited nationally and internationally. In 1989 the state of Tennessee commissioned him through the National Ornamental Metals Museum to design and construct a sterling silver tea service for the U.S.S. Tennessee. The following images are pictures of several of Richard Prillaman's pieces. Richard also spent a lot of his life as a Fine Arts Professor at the Memphis College of Art. If you'd like to know more about Richard and see some of his work, click this link:

Richard will be back next saturday to help us complete the coin casting process as well as get us started on last wax investment. I love being in a place where its almost effortless to learn new information. So many great great metalsmiths show up here to teach, exchange ideas and get refreshed. Wow!

Look for some very cool coins from me when I get back. Guaranteed!