Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day Fifty

Day Forty Nine will forever be the day I didn't blog, I broke my chain of daily blogging, I reneged on my pledge. I'm ok with that. Day Forty Nine was a busy hectic and sometimes sad and lonely day. It began to stretch on into the evening and just when I was getting primed to toil all evening without having a rest for fun, Kevin and I decided to blow off some steam with bubbly gin drinks and shrimp salad at The Cove. The Blog police have to yet come and find me, but if i go missing, you'll know what's happened. Below, you'll see a picture of my bench, just as I left it at around 7pm last night. Its happening, its still got to happen one piece at a time and at my very best each time, so it does move slow, but its happening.