Sunday, May 22, 2011

Eisenfest! Eisenfest! Eisenfest!

Legendary running buddies, Scott Lankton and Holly Fisher will once again pack their hammers and aprons and roll the dice in the name of fun and enlightenment.

 The dynamic duo will depart in early September and head to Friesoythe Germany to join friend and comrade Alfred Bullermann
Learn more about Alfred Bullermann..

along with many other anvil jockeys from all over Europe for a deluxe-hammer-riffic celebration of Iron.

 Scott and Holly were last in Deutchland in 2005 for the International peace project FERRO INSIGHT held in Vechta. Over 40 smiths from all over the world forged metal alloys from German tanks to create a lasting monument for peace. The "Panzer-Knockers" (tank bangers) worked for 12 days and nights to complete the over 16' high sculpture.

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