Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day Seventy Five

I've been composing a list in my mind of what I will miss about this place once I am gone. It has helped me to have a heightened appreciation of things, knowing that I will be leaving soon. Some of the things are small and ordinary, some of them are extraordinary. All of them are unique and special to this place. Eight days from now, I'll be packing up my things, loading up the dog and heading home, so its time to share the list of the people, experiences and other facets of my experience that I appreciate and will miss and remember with fondness.

I'll miss the round window in the bathroom connected to my room. The window is hinged across its diagonal and tilts open for ventilation. Its really really special. I like to peek out of it and check the weather after I've showered in the morning.

I'll miss Jim Masterson and all of his infinite wisdom. I'll miss his shotgun laugh and the way he always seems to encourage and enlighten those around him.

I'll miss drinking water out of the tap and it tasting so good. The best water in the world comes right out of the faucet here in Memphis, TN.

I'll miss my Con Lab buddy, Kevin Burge. Kevin has shared copious amounts of technical information and some of the best 80's hip hop.

I'll miss sitting on the front porch in the morning, drinking coffee and gazing past the museum grounds onto the great and mighty Mississippi river.

I'll miss Mary Catherine Floyd. My friend, my comrade, my partner in cleaning frenzies. Mary Catherine is such a wonderful unique and amazing person. She has brought light and joy to my life.

I'll miss the rumble of the Tennessee / Arkansas bridge and the hum of the barges. Those sounds have always heightened the feeling that the world is moving and things are getting accomplished.

I'll miss Jake, his paintings, his intense love for Phil (the dog) and his funny fart impressions.

I'll miss the Metal Museum's power hammers. 

 I'll miss Carissa. A lot. For many reasons.

I'll miss the sound of cars whizzing by my bedroom window in the morning on their way to President's island. This sound has become my alarm clock.

I'll miss not having a need for an alarm clock!

I'll miss Judy Davis and everything that she is, And she's so much!

I'll miss feeling free and unemcumbered.

I'll miss having roomates, knowing that there are other people in the house, someone to have breakfast, lunch, dinner and perhaps even a late night beer with. 

I'll miss Joel, Jeannie, Nancy, Leila, Mr. Rogers, and Ralph.

I'll miss feeling like I am part of a large family that lives in a special place and does special work.

I'll miss Friday nights and Sundays in Hernando, MS at The Mid South Dressage Academy. Horses and dogs; Harley, Starbucks, Roo, Wally, Miles, Bug, Arwin. I'll miss my new friends and trainers, Nick and Ila Handy. They've have taught me so much and opened their lives, sharing themselves. I've really felt at home. Judy, my trail riding companion, I'll miss her too.

I'll miss Gus's Fried Chicken, Coletta's Pizza, Pearl's Oyster House, the noodle soup at Pho Vietnam,  and Mary Catherine's tuna salad.

I'll miss my "office", the dining room table in the duplex, which faces the museum grounds and casts soft beams of sunlight on the task at hand.

I'll miss having a whole roomful of teachers and creative guides around me when I am working in the studio.

I'll miss feeling understood and appreciated and loved for just exactly what I am, nothing more or less.

I'll miss those Elvis billboards.

I'll miss Memphis radio. Especially WEVL and the one that plays "all hip hop all the time".

I'll miss tromping to the gallery to check my mail, seeing Nancy Jackson unwrapping new items for the gift shop and catching up on the talk of the day with her and Judy.

I'll miss gazing across the museum grounds and seeing coal smoke come out the the stacks in the smithy, knowing someone has already started the day's work.

I'll miss Jim Masterson singing my name.

This list could go on and on and I'm sure it will, but that's enough for today.


  1. And I will miss joining you through these amazing blogs! My husband is a metalsmith so I've experienced the metal process through him while I do my claywork. He's truly enjoyed this, also! You've so vividly brought the sounds, smells, creativity, and fruition to the rest of us. I love your work, Holly! And, your genuine Spirit! Thanks for the unforgettable journey. From Montana to Tennessee, my best...

  2. We'll miss you too, Holly!