Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day Thirty Five

The results of yesterday's time at the forge. After lolling around a bit and questioning the level of my dedication, I finally made it out to the smithy and found something to get excited about. Jake Brown taught me how to forge a horse head. He had seen it done many years ago as a youngster and it has always stuck with him. I was thrilled to learn of course, and had all kinds of fun trying to forge the perfect horse. These were made with 1/2" square bar. I will turn them into fire tools today. 
"How To Forge a Horse Head in 7 East Steps"
Just to make sure I had earned my food for the day, I went ahead and made a story board. This shows step by step how to forge a horse head. See? its easy!

"How NOT to Forge a Horse Head in a Myriad of Steps"
These are the ones that didn't make it.

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  1. Holly those look cool...the ones in the top pic not the bottom. If it makes you feel any better it's snowing like crazy again up here but at least we're used to it. Stay warm, stay focused,